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STAI - Daily Health Boost

We want to make it easy and simple to supplement the daily diet with an "all-in-one" nutritional supplement that is drunk and supports internal health.

Services & Technology

  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Subscription
  • Shopify Custom Development
  • Klaviyo
  • Localization and translation
  • SEO Management
  • Strategy & CRO Insights
  • Replatforming
  • Performance Enhancement

Shake with vitamins and minerals

We are a Danish family-owned company specializing in dietary supplements. STAÏ started in 2017 and is today known and recognized for its unique STAÏ products. STAÏ's products consist of a powder with vitamins, minerals, proteins and collagen.

The Challenge

STAI's previous online store lacked the modern design aesthetics that customers now expect, which often led to potential customers bouncing off the site prematurely. Navigational challenges and a non-intuitive user interface led to longer search times for products and ultimately lower conversions.

A convoluted checkout process resulted in a higher rate of abandoned carts and missed revenue opportunities.

The Solution

CrawlApps introduced a refreshed design with a strong emphasis on visuals and product showcases, making the site more attractive and engaging. A revamped site layout streamlined the navigation process, allowing users to find and purchase products more efficiently.

By simplifying the checkout process, Crawlapps reduced friction points, leading to a boost in completed transactions.

Outcome After CrawlApps' Intervention:

Boost in Sales: With a refined online presence, Stai experienced a notable increase in sales within months of the site relaunch.

Increased Mobile Conversions: With the mobile-first approach, Stai captured a significant uptick in mobile sales.

Strengthened Brand Loyalty: The new design not only attracted new customers but also reinforced loyalty among existing ones, due to a more cohesive brand experience.

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