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Oliver | Baby & Children's furniture

This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary. At the same time, we reflect on what has shaped us, which convictions have guided our development and which ambitions and dreams formed the basis for our brand back then.


At Oliver Furniture, we believe that everyday life should be fun and there should be room for play. Being with family and friends and going to work should be fun. So as a company, we are particularly proud to celebrate 20 years with several employees who have been with us almost from the beginning.

Oliver Furniture aims to be a fun and good workplace where everyone wants to contribute and be valued. We don't think that's naive or childish; we believe it's necessary.

Setbacks Oliver Furniture Faced

Despite having a loyal customer base, online engagement metrics did not mirror the expected interactions from such a seasoned brand. Customer interactions with the site indicated friction points in the user journey, leading to potential lost sales and reduced engagement.

Being in the market for 20 years, Oliver Furniture had built a reputation, but transitioning that reputation seamlessly online posed its challenges. The vast number of SKUs made it a challenge to present products in a simplified yet comprehensive manner online.

Actions Undertaken

To emphasize Oliver Furniture's legacy and strengths, we prominently showcased their USPs, ensuring both new and returning customers recognized the brand's value propositions. By introducing interactive features and multimedia content, we enhanced the website's engagement quotient, keeping visitors involved and encouraging them to explore more.

Using advanced analytics, we tracked and analyzed user behaviors to identify and rectify friction points, further enhancing the online shopping experience.

Subsequent Effects

Boosted Online Engagement: Post-revamp, the site saw a surge in visitor interactions, reflecting increased customer interest and satisfaction.

Increased Sales: With an improved UX and emphasis on USPs, Oliver Furniture experienced a noticeable increase in online sales.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty: The modernized website experience reinforced the brand's legacy, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Positive Feedback: The renewed online platform garnered acclaim from both long-time patrons and new customers, solidifying the brand's esteemed position in the market.

Streamlined SKU Navigation: The strategic redesign made browsing through the vast range of SKUs effortless, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

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