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Coffee, but smarter. All the things you love about coffee, none of things you don't.


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We seek to inspire people to live life in balance, with less stress and more time for your passions and the things you love.

We cold brew and craft our functional coffee beverages to help you feel and function better naturally. So you find your mode.

Challenges Faced by Mode Cold Brew

Mode Cold Brew’s website was not in sync with contemporary design trends, making it less appealing to modern online shoppers. The site’s structure was not intuitive, leading to potential customers experiencing difficulty in product searches and selections.

For products like cold brews, which consumers might buy regularly, the absence of a subscription option meant missed opportunities for consistent sales. The conversion rates were below industry averages due to design and user experience inefficiencies.

The solution

Mode Cold Brew's online store was given a fresh, modern look, aligning it with the brand's vibrant personality and appealing to the target audience. Streamlined navigation, better product categorization, and clear CTAs were introduced to make the shopping experience effortless.

By analyzing user behavior and feedback, we implemented changes that maximized the chances of site visitors turning into paying customers. CrawlApps introduced a smooth subscription feature, allowing customers to set up regular orders of their favorite cold brews with ease.

Results Following CrawlApps Expertise

Sales Surge: Mode Cold Brew witnessed a marked increase in online sales, thanks to the revamped site design and improved user experience.

Higher Conversion Rates: With optimized CRO strategies in place, more visitors started completing their purchases, enhancing ROI.

Subscription Success: The introduction of the recurring subscription model generated a steady stream of predictable revenue, securing a loyal customer base.

User Engagement: The site’s improved functionality and design led to longer browsing sessions, higher interaction rates, and positive user feedback.

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