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Huppy | A Better, Plastic Free Toothpaste

Award-winning toothpaste tablets and the rest of the fam are 100% plastic free, sustainably minded, and made with clean ingredients.

Toothpaste, but way better

Wholesome, good-for-you ingredients that are non-toxic and family friendly. We use oral care’s latest star: Nano-hydroxyapatite. Modern and pretty magical. Vegan ingredients sourced from nature. No animals are ever harmed in the process.

Issues Behuppy Grappled With

The product page was constrained by limited options, limiting customer choices and potentially affecting sales. Modern e-commerce functionalities, like bundled products or mix-and-match solutions, were missing from their platform.

The product page was constrained by limited options, limiting customer choices and potentially affecting sales. Despite the traffic, the website's conversion rates were underwhelming, signifying missed sales opportunities.

Approaches Enacted

To offer customers more autonomy and personalized shopping experiences, we incorporated a mix-and-match solution, allowing them to create their unique product combinations. A seamless subscription feature was added, offering customers the convenience of automated recurring orders, thus fostering brand loyalty.

The product page was given a distinctive style, ensuring it was both functional and engaging, setting it apart from competitors. Recognizing the trend towards value purchases, we integrated bundled product options, allowing customers to buy complementary products together at a discounted rate.

Impact After Realization

Sales Boost: Post-redesign and integration of new features, Behuppy experienced a significant increase in sales, underlining the importance of keeping pace with e-commerce trends.

Higher Conversion Rates: The modernized design and improved user experience led to a marked uptick in the website's conversion rates.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: The unique product page design and mix-and-match feature meant visitors spent more time interacting with the site, translating to higher chances of sales.

Positive Feedback: Customers appreciated the new features and design, leading to positive reviews and recommendations, further driving organic traffic.

Steady Subscriber Growth: The introduction of subscription options ensured a consistent and growing subscriber base, adding a predictable revenue stream.

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