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Nourish your body naturally with Noode

Whether it's through your food, or in your mind. Our ethos is about making small steps towards a big change. If we can help you make healthier decisions so your day is 1% better than yesterday, we call that a big win.



MINIMAL & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Unleashing the goodness of nature with only top-notch, high-quality ingredients – no frills, just the good stuff.

DESIGNED TO FIT ANY ROUTINE: Make self-care a breeze with our easy-to-use products, effortlessly incorporate the power of nature into your daily routine.

WE'RE MINDFUL OF YOUR DIET: Conscientiously curated selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and GMO-free ingredients, plus keto friendly and plant-based where possible.

Barriers in Noode's Online Expansion Journey

Starting with a combined offline and online model, Noode's online progression seemed to hit a plateau, struggling to match its brick-and-mortar momentum. The existing online platform lacked vibrant features, compelling layouts, and CTAs that resonated with their target audience.

The absence of enriching blog posts and enticing recipes meant a missed chance at creating a loyal community and establishing authority in the domain. Expansion within the digital marketplace became a challenge, hampering their ambition to establish a broad online footprint.

Crawlapps Tailored Solutions

A dedicated blog section was introduced, populated with informative posts. Additionally, enticing recipes highlighting Noode's products were crafted, offering value to visitors. CrawlApps gives a rejuvenated, user-friendly design was unveiled, sprinkled with captivating layouts and CTAs, all aimed at enhancing user engagement.

Launched a comprehensive subscription service, allowing customers to receive regular shipments, ensuring steady revenue and enhancing customer loyalty.


Broadened Digital Reach: Noode experienced a significant surge in their online audience, successfully reaching previously untapped market segments.

Enhanced Online Sales Dynamics: The revamped website design and optimized CTAs drove increased sales and heightened user interactions.

Flourishing Wholesale Engagements: The inclusion of dedicated features led to an influx of wholesale inquiries, resulting in profitable bulk order placements.

Consistent Revenue Stream: The new subscription model not only ensured periodic deliveries for users but also cemented a steady revenue flow.

Content-Driven Audience Growth: Through meticulously crafted blogs and recipes, Noode witnessed increased website stickiness, repeat visits, and an evolving loyal online community.

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