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Play our Family Therapy Games at home with your kids, or in the office with clients to promote substantive conversations around.


Is your child/client facing anxiety, low self-esteem, or issues with anger management or social skills and you are struggling to know how to help them?
We produced a series of fun, therapeutically designed games for use at home and in therapy that will effectively aid you in
addressing these issues alongside your child/client.

Pressing Challenges Kerenmedia Encountered Online

Despite a strong offline presence, Kerenmedia found it challenging to replicate the same success digitally. Their initial online interface wasn't user-friendly, which hindered the retention and conversion of potential customers.

The absence of compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) elements resulted in missed opportunities for lead generation and sales conversions. Kerenmedia found itself in a bind, unable to expand its online reach and tap into new customer segments.

Crawlapps Tailored Solutions for Kerenmedia's Hurdles

Crawlapps introduced a fresh, intuitive design to make the website more navigable and appealing, ensuring visitors could easily find what they were looking for. By understanding user behavior, strategic CTAs were incorporated to guide potential customers through the purchase journey, increasing chances of conversion.

Leveraging SEO and digital marketing techniques, Crawlapps helped enhance Kerenmedia's online visibility, reaching broader audiences.

Tangible Outcomes Post Crawlapps Intervention

Boosted Web Traffic: The revamped site layout and optimized CTAs attracted a larger audience, leading to increased website visits.

Enhanced Conversion Rates: With the improved user experience and effective CTAs, the rate of visitors turning into customers saw a significant uptick.

Extended Market Reach: Kerenmedia's online presence solidified, reaching audiences they previously couldn't, resulting in a broader customer base and increased sales.

Strengthened Brand Image: The updated, modern web design, combined with efficient user navigation, elevated Kerenmedia's brand perception in the digital domain.

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