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From the beginning of each unique design process the optimal modern production method is considered and taken into account. For us repetition of materials and processes is the key and always essential. The purpose of all our efforts is to heighten the quality of the piece of furniture itself and not what surrounds it. In doing so we can provide the highest possible quality.


For a decade, HANDVÄRK FURNITURE has been creating modern and minimalistic furniture for aesthetically inclined individuals and the homes they inhabit. Our inspiration has continuously been the Bauhaus movement.

Close to our heart, this style period embodies the idea that to be truly great, a design should be at least two things: beautiful and functional. From the sourcing of materials to the design of each HANDVÄRK piece, this principle of simplicity runs through all aspects of how, what, and why we create.

Obstacles Encountered by Handvark Furniture

Handvark Furniture's online presence in the competitive furniture market was underwhelming, causing them to miss out on a significant audience.

Despite offering a broad range of SKUs, Handvark's online platform didn't reflect contemporary design standards, leading to a diminished appeal. An extensive product range without an intuitive interface meant potential customers often felt overwhelmed, leading to early site exits and missed sales opportunities.

Solutions Delivered

We introduced a fresh, modern, and responsive design that not only showcased Handvark's products in the best light but also resonated with the target audience's preferences. By optimizing the site's structure, we ensured that customers could easily browse through various SKUs, making their shopping journey more pleasant and efficient.

Implementing the latest SEO techniques, we ensured Handvark Furniture prominently appeared in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to their site. With a blend of engaging content and interactive elements, we transformed the website into a hub for furniture enthusiasts, leading to increased dwell times and interaction rates.

Outcome After Our Intervention

Surge in Website Traffic: Handvark Furniture experienced a significant increase in organic visitors, thanks to the enhanced SEO and web design.

Boosted Sales: The optimized UX design and clear calls-to-action led to higher conversion rates and an uptick in sales.

Strong Online Presence: Handvark's digital footprint expanded substantially, establishing them as a formidable name in the online furniture market.

Positive Customer Feedback: The newly designed site received acclaim for its aesthetics, ease of use, and product showcase, solidifying brand loyalty.

Strategic Advantage: With a well-defined online strategy in place, Handvark Furniture is now poised to adapt to changing market dynamics and customer preferences seamlessly.

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