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Coffydoor - Your kick start, delivered

You decide the type of coffee, quantity and how often you want it delivered. We will arrange the rest.


Your perfect cup? Extra taste, zero mess.

We have tried our way to the tastiest beans, the smoothest delivery and the best terms. The coffee is blind tested, adjusted and blind tested again. All so that we can confidently say that we are the tastiest and smartest coffee capsule.

Hurdles Navigated by Coffydoor

Being a new entrant in the competitive online coffee market posed challenges in terms of brand recognition and trust-building. As a newcomer, Coffydoor required robust strategies to ensure visitors didn't just browse but also made purchases.

As subscription models are pivotal for recurring sales in businesses like coffee, integrating an effective and user-friendly system was crucial. With just one product on offer, there was a pressing need to present it compellingly to encourage repeat sales and attract a loyal customer base.

Proposed Solutions

We introduced interactive elements like quizzes to determine coffee preferences, helping personalize the user experience and encouraging purchases. We developed a unique website layout that highlighted Coffydoor's single coffee product in an engaging manner, emphasizing its exclusivity and quality.

Recognizing the importance of recurring sales, we embedded a seamless subscription feature, allowing customers to effortlessly set up regular coffee deliveries. By employing best practices and analyzing potential customer behavior, we crafted strategies that heightened the chances of conversions.

Outcome Post-Intervention

Rising Brand Recognition: Coffydoor began to carve out its niche, gaining attention in the crowded coffee market, thanks to its distinctive online presence.

Successful Subscription Model: The user-friendly subscription system led to a consistent and growing number of subscribers, ensuring a steady revenue stream.

Increased Conversions: Our tailored CRO strategies bore fruit as the site witnessed higher conversion rates within a short span.

Customer Engagement: The unique layout and interactive features kept visitors engaged, leading to longer site visits and positive feedback.

Loyal Customer Base: Despite starting with a limited SKU, Coffydoor successfully built a loyal customer base, thanks to the engaging online experience and the quality of their product.

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