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The Blanket Hoodie

The Blanket Hoodie is the coziest oversized wearable blanket ever! Arguably the best gift you could get someone ever. Our Blanket Hoodies feel like your cuddling with 100 golden retrievers.

What is a Blanket Hoodie?

Keep warm and comfortable with our incredibly soft blanket hoodie. This cozy hoodie is ideal for lazing on the couch or doing errands on a chilly day because of its fluffy fabric. There is lots of room to move around thanks to the big design, and the pockets and connected hood make it more useful. Additionally, the chic style makes it ideal for any informal occasion. Comfortably cuddle up with our blanket hoodie.

Hurdles Blanket Hoodie Struggled

Their website presented a narrow spectrum of product options, restricting consumer choices and impacting potential sales. Operating on an old web framework meant they were losing out on modern e-commerce functionalities and aesthetic appeal.

Despite having a product with significant potential appeal, the website's conversion rate remained underwhelming. Their sales model lacked the dynamic of bundled offerings and the consistency of subscription-based sales.

Solution Bespoke Solutions for Blanket Hoodie's Digital Hiccups

Introduced a revamped product page teeming with interactive elements, enhancing the user experience and encouraging extended browsing. Integrated a solution that not only allows product bundling but also promotes attractive deals, tapping into consumers' love for value-driven purchases.

Leveraged the inherent repeat purchase nature of their products by introducing a seamless subscription model, ensuring customer retention and a steady revenue stream. Deployed a solution where customers can mix and match products according to their preferences, granting them the agency to create custom bundles and enhancing user engagement.

Digital Milestones Achieved Post-Crawlapps Partnership

Sales Surge: With the revitalized website and the introduction of innovative sales features, Blanket Hoodie experienced a remarkable uptick in sales figures.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: The mix-and-match feature, combined with the fresh design aesthetics, led to users spending more time on the site, thus fostering increased interaction.

Bundling Success: By allowing customers to bundle products, not only did average order values increase, but it also enticed users to explore more products.

Subscription Wins: The consistent revenue from the newly implemented subscription model showcased the brand's enhanced capacity for fostering long-term customer relationships.

Optimized User Experience: The overall transformation ensured that the user journey, from landing on the site to checkout, became smoother, leading to better reviews and reduced cart abandonment rates.

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