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Custom Testing

CrawlApps standard test Program suite features flexibility for our customers in the form of user-defined test/system parameters as well as user-defined pass/fail criteria. Our standard software uses scripts that are customized to meet each customer’s unique requirements. When a standard test solution won’t do, CrawlApps works with customers to develop custom testing solutions that meet their production and quality needs.

Web Testing

It is a complex and time-consuming process to check your web application to find or prevent possible issues before they are delivered to the end-user in the production environment. There are all types of testing to be done, including functional, usability, UI, compatibility, performance, and security.

You can not check everything on your own. The lack of experience can only aggravate the testing process. That is why we can help you to ensure maximum complete testing of the product, taking into account all kinds of testing.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile testing will ensure that native, mobile-web, or hybrid apps meet any requirements. These services contain a huge number of checks on multiple devices, screen resolutions, operating systems, internet connections, and more.

Usually, getting an app live on Google Play takes a few hours. For the App Store, it is a few weeks. We can’t really say how long the errors will influence current and new users while the apps are in the review process.

The key to making your brilliant idea successful is to use a high-quality mobile testing service. That is why you need the help of an experienced mobile testing company, one that knows all the specifics and bottlenecks of the process.

API Testing

API testing focuses on the business logic layer of the software architecture. The goal of API is to integrate the application with other services.

During API Testing our QA team performs test cases in terms that API should be easy to use by other software, secure and of course bugs free.

When we provide API Testing Services, we check different combinations of positive and negative scenarios. It lets you be confident that your API doesn’t have bugs, and the whole application works as expected.

Performance Testing

We provide performance testing for software, mobile, and web applications determining their scalability, stability, and performance. Our long-term experience lets us provide our customers with high-quality testing services. To let you evaluate our professionalism, we are ready to offer a trial period. We are sure that you will have got convinced of our competence by the end of the trial period.

Mobile Automation Testing

Mobile automation testing is a process of an automated script running without human involvement in order to test native, mobile web, and hybrid applications. This type of testing executes automated tests on the devices (including real devices & emulators) and verifies that the application works as expected and meets all requirements. Mobile automation testing is performed on different devices with various platform versions, screen resolutions, network connections, etc.

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Functional Testing
Usability Testing
User Interface Testing
Compatibility Testing
Performance Testing
Security Testing
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Beverlee Rasmussen

Beverlee Rasmussen


They did an outstanding job with the jobs I gave them and were quick to respond when there were bugs that needed addressed. I’ll definitely hire them again.

Kevin S. Cooke

Kevin S. Cooke


The team delivered on my requirements to an exceptional level. It’s working as planned and they made all the design changes I asked for without problems.

Shauna Graham

Shauna Graham


Great team to work with…continuing tasks and work with them. They are understanding for the requirements, fast responds, Professional.!!!



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